ESKOF Pratt Economy Oil & Fuel Only Spill Kit Bin


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Economy Oil & Fuel Only Spill Kits colour coded white for hydrocarbon spill absorption. Oil & Fuel Only absorbents take on board hydrocarbon liquids such as fuel, petrol, diesel, oil, solvents. Additionally, they are designed to repel water making them ideal for oil & fuel spill recovery on either land or water. For general industry and non-industry applications.

ESKOF240 – Economy Oil & Fuel Only Spill Kit 240L Contents

Supplier SKU: ESKOF240

ESKOF120 – Economy Oil & Fuel Only Spill Kit 120L Contents

Supplier SKU: ESKOF120

Need a reliable spill containment kit without breaking the budget? Pratt Economy Spill Kits are perfect for you! Economy Spill Kits come fully stocked, containing all the same items as the Premium counterparts. However with more regard to an economic option. Available sizes ranging from the 240L bin to the 25L bag. When selecting a spill kit, an Economy Spill Kit will provide the same high quality spill control while remaining cost effective.

Please note this is a large item & may incur additional freight charges. Max Global Products will contact you upon purchase if required. 

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ESKOF Pratt Economy Oil & Fuel Only Spill Kit Bin