16-TBASE Jaybro T-Top Bollard Base (Base Only)


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T-Top bollards are a rigid polyethylene bollards used in traffic delineation. Deployed in a linear formation, they are used to close roads, footpaths and cordon off unsafe or no-go zones on work sites.

These heavy duty rubber T-Top Bollard Bases are weighted feet that are used in tandem with T-Top bollards. Installed during deployment, their solid weigh ensures the bollard remains fixed in place. Jaybro supplies a choice of 6 kg or 8 kg octagon shaped rubber bases. Additionally, extra bases can be used in high wind and high traffic areas for improved safety.Allowing for fast-deployment delineation, T-Top bollards are a reflective, lightweight and easy to install barricade solution that give a greater range of visibility than witches hats or traffic cones due to their 1150mm height. The fast deployment pace of the T-Tops has added to their success within the civil construction and traffic sectors.

T-Top installation allows for the addition of barrier tapes, safety flags and plastic chains.

T-Top bollards are a cost-effective solution for traffic control and management. Traditional expanding, water-filled & crowd control barriers can be a costly investment: for a simple delineation solution, choose Jaybro’s T-top bollards.

  • Tough rubber base
  • Octagonal construction stops the bollard rolling if it tips over
  • Easily stackable and transportable
  • Use one or many depending on wind and traffic conditions at your site
  • Heavyweight rubber with a smooth finish

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16-TBASE Jaybro T-Top Bollard Base (Base Only)